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My friends and me used to get immense joy from reading great books, sharing them, and maybe discussing them over a few beers. We no longer live in close proximity and for most of us free time comes at a premium.

This year, I have made it a personal goal of mine to turn off the TV and read more. I got through 3 books pretty quickly and realized that I wanted "that old thing back" - that community of being able to share these great books with others, so the blog was born.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Allah Is Not Obliged

Allah is Not Obliged
By Ahmadou Kouruma
Book Reporter: Steak

Think "Rule of The Bone." Follow 10-year old boy solider Birahima through civil war-torn Africa in search of his Aunt. He smokes dope, gets laid, befriends war lords and kills innocent people. His companion is a medicine man Yacouba, who was once a rich, shady money-changer. Birahima starts his journey after his Mom dies. He and Yacouba must be quick on their feet, talking lies and other smack to navigate their way through the madness.

Birahima tells it all as it is. Fafaro! Gnamokode! Walahe!

Bottom Line: If want to know something about civil war and child soldiers in Africa, give this book a read. Some parts of the book reminded me of the movie "Blood Diamonds." The book won the prestigious Prix Renaudox award. The author, born in the Ivory Coast, died in 2003.

Recommendation: STRONG READ

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